Shipping Policy

Furmellow's Swift Shipping Promise

At Furmellow, we're thrilled to give you a FREE shipping option on every order, because we value your choice to shop with us!


When Will My Order Be Ready?

Once you place an order, give us 1-3 business days to get it all packed up and handed over to our shipping pals. Sometimes, especially during super busy times like holidays, we might need up to 7 days to get things moving.


When Will My Order Arrive?

After we've sent out your order, how fast it gets to you depends on where you live. Here's a quick guide:

United States: 4-7 days

Canada: 4-7 days

United Kingdom: 4-7 days

Australia: 4-7 days

Europe: 4-7 days

Rest of the World: 4-10 days

Remember, during busy times like holidays, or if your order is traveling across the world, things might take a bit longer because of customs or other delays.


Oops, Made a Mistake in Your Address?

Double-check your shipping details when you order. If something's off, shoot us an email at within 24 hours. We'll try our best to fix it, but can't promise anything after that time.


Why Is My Order Taking a Bit Longer?

We always aim to get your order to you ASAP. But sometimes, things outside our control, like bad weather or a mix-up with the courier, can cause delays. If we spot any hiccups on our end, like a product being out of stock, we'll let you know right away.


Can't Find Your Package?

It's super annoying when packages go missing. Once we hand it to the courier, it's out of our hands. If you think your package has vanished, email us at We'll do our best to help. You might also want to contact the courier and maybe even file a police report if it's nowhere to be found.


A Little Note on Our Shipping Policy

We might tweak our shipping rules now and then. It's a good idea to check out the latest version before you buy. By shopping with Furmellow, you're saying you're cool with our shipping policy, even if we make changes.

Got questions or need more info? Just drop us a line, and we'll be happy to help!