Refund & Return Policy

Furmellow's Commitment to Your Satisfaction

At Furmellow, our mission is to offer solutions that genuinely address your needs. We stand by the potency of our products and suggest giving them a fair shot for at least 14 days. However, if after 14 days and within our 60-day window you're not completely satisfied, don't hesitate to reach out to us at


Order Changes & Cancellations

If you need to tweak or cancel your order, please do so within 24 hours. Beyond that, we might be in the thick of getting your order ready. But if you do cancel within that window, we'll process your refund within a week.


30-Day Assurance

We're proud of what Furmellow offers, and we encourage you to use our products for a minimum of 14 days to truly feel the difference. If, after giving them a fair shot, you're not thrilled, you can return them within our 30-day guarantee. Just remember, any shipping costs aren't part of the deal.

Starting a return is easy. Just touch base with our friendly support crew through our Contact Us page or shoot an email to To speed things up, having your Order Number or the Name and Email you used to order would be super helpful.


Received a Damaged Item?

We pack our products with lots of care, but sometimes things happen in transit. If your product is defective or physically broken, that's what we consider damaged. A dinged-up box with a perfect product inside? Not so much.

Spot any damage? Let us know within 3 days of getting your order. Send a quick email to with a clear snap of the issue, and we'll see if a free replacement is in the cards. Just a heads up, regular wear and tear or any misuse doesn't count.


Shipping & Delivery Details

We're always on our toes to get your order to you swiftly. But sometimes, things beyond our control, like courier hiccups or customs hold-ups, can cause delays. If your package is playing hard to get, it's best to chat with the courier. We can't take responsibility for packages that are lost, stolen, or delayed.

Lastly, we might tweak this Return & Refund Policy now and then. It's on our awesome customers to check out the latest version before buying. By choosing Furmellow, you're giving our policy the thumbs up.