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Calming Cat Pheromone Diffuser

Bring out your cat's inner angel. Transform your cat into a calm, well-behaved & loving member of your family, just like it's supposed to be. 

  • Eliminates Smelly Urine Markings

  • Creates Calm & Loving Environments For Cats

  • Helps Your Cat Become More Social

    Non-toxic & No Smell

Lily S. - Former Frustrated Cat Mummy

"Since using this, our older cat has happily returned to using her litter box, and the once aggressive behavior among our cats has remarkably calmed down. It's truly been a lifesaver for our multi-cat household!"


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A Warning From Vets: Your Cat May Be Suffering From Anxiety

A study in the US reveals that 1 in 4 cats experience anxiety, with about 1 in 5 of facing severe separation anxiety. Alarmingly, 2 in 3 cats with anxiety do not receive treatment, and the condition get worse unless we do something about it. However, we are here to solve this situation by creating  a stress-free world for all cats!

Did you know that your cat's timid or aggressive behavior is a sign of overwhelming stress?

As a responsible cat owner, you might have wondered "Why does my cat hide all the time?" or "Why is my cat so aggressive?" or even "Why does my cat keep spray marking our things?".  You've probably tried various approaches like being more loving, new toys, expensive pet medication but nothing is working. It's heart-breaking.


Your cat is probably like this because:

Not feeling safe in their environment

Introduction of new pets or family members.

Changes in their environment (like moving to a new home)

It is not your fault that your cat feels this way but our cat's mental health is just as important as physical health. We're here to be your friend in helping you restore peace and reduce cat stress n your home!


Is Your Cat Showing These Signs Of Stress & Anxiety?

Our Calming Cat Pheromone Diffuser May Be Able To Help.

Urinating Everywhere Except In The Litter

You did not bring the cat into your life just to turn have your whole house stink of cat piss!  

Hides All The Time & Is Afraid To Interact

Does your cat get anxious around people and is constantly trying to hide?

Aggressive With Other Pets or People

Trying to introduce your new cat to your others but it always ends up in a hissing contest or fights?

Overgrooming Leaving Bald Patches

Is your cat grooming itself till it has bald patches and can't seem to stop?

Look no further! Our calming cat pheromone diffuser can instantly create a more peaceful and calm home for your cat!


Calming Cat Pheromone Diffuser

Vets and frustrated pet owners use Cat Calming Pheromone Diffusers to transform a badly behaved and aggressive cats into a sweet little angels.

Proven unique dual pheromone blend

Quickly reduces urine markings & destructive behavior

Encourages multi-cat families to get along 

Covers a large area of up to 700 SqFt


Watch Your Cat Transform Right Before Your Eyes


Our game-changing blend of pheromones helps curb the unwanted behaviour of your cat. It brings out the best in them through naturally occuring pheromones.

Build deeper, loving bonds with your cat

Hear and feel the heart warming purrs of your happy cat

Bring out your cat's true joyful nature

We Only Use Naturally Occurring Calming Pheromones In Our Blend

Feline Facial Pheromones

These pheromones are naturally produce by a cat when they feel happy, safe and comfortable. We include them into our pheromone formula to: 

Makes Your Cat Feel Safe and Lowers Stress

Reduces Stress Related Territorial Markings

Encourages the cute playfulness of your cat

Maternal Appeasing Pheromones

Nothing brings peace, calm and reassurance to cats of all ages than a mother cat's scent. We include them into our pheromone formula to:

Comforts And Calms Cats to Lower Fear & Stress

Promotes Bonding With Other Cats And Humans

Gives Cats A Familiar Feeling Of Support & Trust

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Bring out your cat's true calm and loving personality with our Cat Calming Pheromone Today! 

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Hear How We've Transformed Hopeless Situations 

Into Happy Families


Easy Set Up For Purr-fect Peace

Find The Perfect Spot

Place it in the rooms where your cats spends most of their time in. Ensure the diffuser is r blocked off so it has space to spread it's magic!

Turn it On

Simply plug it in and press to turn it on. The Calming Cat Pheromone Diffuser will start working right away!

Let it Work it's Magic

Leave the Calming Cat Pheromone Diffuser spread its magic all over the space to keep your cat relaxed and happy.

Enjoy Peace and Calm

Enjoy being around your little angel! Leave it on 24/7 to keep the mood consistent and don't forget to refill every month!

Why Our Cat Calming Pheromone Diffuser Is Uniquely Superior

Double The Effectiveness For Half The Price



2-in-1 Special Phermone Blend

Lasts 30 days or more

Costs-effective solution

Eco-Friendly & engery efficient

Non-toxic and No Smell

Our 30-Day Purr-fect Satisfaction Guarantee

From the moment your Calming Cat Pherome Diffuser package from Furmellow arrives at your home, you're given a full 30-day period to experience its impactful benefits. Allow your cat to get accustomed to it and watch for any behavioral improvements.


Should you find that the Furmellow diffuser doesn't bring about a positive change in your cat, or if it fails to meet your expectations for any reason, we at Furmellow are committed to resolving the issue. Simply contact our supportive customer service team at support@furmellow.com, and we'll promptly arrange a 100% refund for you, no questions asked.



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Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use around people and other animals like dog?

Yes! It is 100% safe . Also since pheromones are species specific, you will not have to be worried about anyone else being negatively affected by the diffusers,

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